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Skinner Construction Services is a full service company that can
cover nearly all the different trades in construction related to
Foundation Repair. Our goal is to be a one call company for all of
your construction needs!

So many companies must contract services that they do not provide
to other companies. This is fine for some projects,
BUT you do not
know if they are insured, licensed, bonded, reliable, trustworthy,
responsible... Etc! You may trust the company that YOU hired, but
may know nothing about the other company.

SCS takes pride in the work we perform. So much pride infact, that
we monitor our previous work we have performed from years ago.
We do this to ensure our work is not only still operating as
designed, but withstanding the test of time proving the products and
materials we use are of great quality.

SCS will share with you a direct link to the Better Business Bureau
so you can see how we rate.

BBB link for SCS
Even if you do not use our company for your needs, it is always a
great idea to check with the

Always ask for.....
  •   General Liability Insurance
  •   Workmans Comp Insurance
  •   Bonded
  •   Licensed (if required by state)
  •   References

With these few questions, a lot of headaches can be avoided!

NEVER PAY for the job ahead of time!!! If the contractor
requires payment ahead of time, question why. If they need money
to get started and no materials are being purchased then tell them
to hit the road. Some money for materials is normal. They don't
need money for the whole job when it is incomplete. Tell them they
can have a
draw at the end of the week for work performed.

SCS will never ask for any money unless something needs to be
special ordered ahead of time. We do expect payment in full at the
completion of our services.

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